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About us #CAPtv

City Alert Plus CAPtv was founded by Joseph Opeyemi Adebambo a.k.a Captain Can a proud Nigerian, is a creative director ”content creator” and a massage therapist, he created City Alert Plus CAPtv as an expression of his passion for the entertainment and creative industry and healthy life style, CAPtv is an online Events platform designed for the creative industry, offering creative productions, branding “Business Creation”, P.R services for all industries, travels and tourism, affiliate marketing, and talents/brand management. We aim to showcase the beauty in our uniqueness (Ubuntu) and to be an information hub in the Creative Industry especially in Africa and equip our societies to be less critical. Our belief in collaboration has made us set a platform were different creative minds can showcase their brands to the world. We work with corporate organizations, Entertainment companies and solo brands. We are passion driven and possess a dedicated team that easily adapts, our creative team are always ready to deliver a perfect job worth more than your expectations. We have empowered the community of Johannesburg especially “Yeoville” through our annual celebration of arts and culture with music, fashion and food, now we are taking it to the whole of Africa and beyond. We offer a unique Business Branding Package which includes Free Online Business Listing – 100% online business to services which will expose your business to a large audience and the right consumers, Idea originated by City alert plus CAPtv to assist brands and business owners to get listed online, sell more, and create their online community in order to gain loads of opportunities and many more goodies which will assist the business to grow fast. For more info visit https://bboss.business.site/ For more information about our Adult World Services kindly follow this link https://realestadultworld.business.site/ Mission Empowering through information and creativity. Vision To be recognized as an African Creative Media company Value Creativity, Transparency, Consistency, fluidity

Things I Can Do

Founder Statement : Our vision is so broad just like the World Wide Web, I want to grow and expand across the world and I have achieve this through the support of the internet with CAP online communities. I want to do more and achieve this physically by having offices in every major city all over the world, at least one property in every major city starting from my current city and my home town Lagos Nigeria. I am doing this because I don’t want to limit my vision, I want to expand so that I can be able to make impact in the world today and create everlasting legacy for the generations to come. I am creating another empowerment platform for the creative minds who are ready to make use of their God’s given talent, gift, Inspiration or what so ever idea they possessed to make impact to the world in order to make it a better place for all. This platform is to also help the hopeless youth regain their strength through our NPO “Help A Child Today” strictly for abandoned/Neglected children and youth from the age -1 to 30, Help A child today is the concept designed by CAP to help the above mentioned age category discover their dreams and purpose in life, trained them to be useful to them self so that they can also make impact to the world around them by so doing we are making this world a better place by empowering one another. CAP Empire is here to encourage the ghetto youth to join the creative industry and get new innovation out of them, There are loads of youth out there who need helping hands to kick start there career. As the founder I have experience similar difficulties in the past, I left my parent’s house at the age of 13 to start struggling and looking for a way out for my life by myself and the journey as never been easy but I thank God for today and how far He has brought me. God's grace found me from the street and change me to become a better person if not I will not be doing this today. We all need someone, more reason God created Eve after he created Adam because he knew that man cannot survive alone, Let’s come together and join hands together by making this world a better place, stretch out to help some in need especially the ones that are close to you, the change you seek start from you, the love you want begin from within you. Let’s help one another grow. #CAPteam #Yeswecan #Cappersworld Joseph Opeyemi Adebambo a.k.a CAPtain Can Founder/Creative Director City Alert Plus CAPtv

A Few Accomplishments

Why We Are Building City Alert Plus CAPtv: We are building City Alert Plus to create another Solution hub for the creative industry, CAP is as a new foot print to add value to the creative industry especially in Africa, A legacy to this generation and the unborn. CAP is created to empower the aspiring youth who wish to join the Creative industry and do not know how to go about it, to help the existing creative practitioners who use and do not use their craft as business, as long as you are a creative person CAP is here to take you to the next level of unlimited creativities and help you get the best out of your craft by outsourcing your idea to the right channel that need it most which will definitely add to your life positively. CAP is our contribution to the creative industry to help creative minds discover more, promote their readymade craft and also connect creativity together in order to achieve more greatness “Success Stories”, Let’s see CAP as a “Global Creative Market Platform Online” exporting Africa creativity to the world, CAP is where creative minds can comes to market/advertise, connect, interact, learn more about other creativity, and been able to sale their craft directly to their targeted audience without third party in order to generate more fund so that they can do more “if there is enough resources Creativity will keep flowing” this is our aim and purpose for creating this platform. Meaning of CAP, CAPtv and CAPPERs: The full meaning of CAP is City Alert Plus, we decided to make it CAPtv which can also be City Alert Plus television in full, Remember the world as moved to the visual stage whereby consumers prefer to watch while they listen instead of reading and we are following that steps, more reason we transform all of our contents into motion format like Animation (Motion Advert) and Visuals they all comes with a unique sound and music to make it more interesting to our consumers. Meaning of Cappers: As a creative empire we refer to our subscribers as “Cappers” which is generated from the name City Alert Plus Abbreviation CAP.